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  • Natural Health

    Natural health is the result of lifestyle choices that lead to vibrant energy, full body flexibility and agility without pain or restriction, mental clarity and sharp focus, and inner peace.

  • Pain Management

    There are several approaches that may reduce what is being experienced! Learn more under SERVICES

    Aches and pains are almost an assumed part of life.   However, suffering is not the only option.  There are several approaches that may reduce what is being experienced!

  • Weight Loss

    Lose Weight The Healthy Way Overweight and obesity are readily easy to see. Changing the obvious – is obviously not.

    Overweight and obesity are readily easy to see.  Changing the obvious – is obviously not.  The weight loss industry is HUGE and growing.  According to consumers spend a ton of cash on weight-loss products, programs, and literature.  Problem is – most are not successful.

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Weight Loss

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In spite of the common denominator, eating too much, there is often more at play than just that.  All diets on the market have some merit.  The

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Pain Management

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Fortunately, pain can be reduced or eliminated in one session.  Depending on the cause and severity, repeat sessions may be needed.  For in-between appointments, there are tremendous

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Natural Health

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Just having someone knowledgeable help you figure out what needs to be and how to do it makes all the difference.  Productive exercise, appropriate food choices, and

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Ott, ND, CNHP Lifestyle Services

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Selling sage bundles local to NW Ohio only. I have fresh and dried available $5/ ea. Never sprayed.

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I share this not because I advocate a meat free diet. There are nutrients in wholesome meat that the body needs.
I post this for those that endorse and follow a meat free diet.

Excerpt from his writings....
Royal Lee, D.D.S. 1952
The broad, thick, chlorophyll-rich green leaves of the Goosefoot family— beet, spinach, and chard—provide one of the richest sources of life-giving foods that’s readily available. However, dietitians who study ordinary food analysis charts formulated on the basis of the total content may be led to false conclusions, as these usually show a relatively low (two or three percent) protein content. Actually, the solids run about 10 percent, and if we analyze this solid material, we now find that the protein content is high, averaging 24 to 46 percent of the ash minerals. (P.215, Chemistry and Technology of Foods). So, if you want to increase the protein in your diet and you’re a vegetarian, eat plenty of fresh, green-leafy vegetables from this unique family.
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It is recognized that truly being of good health involves multiple factors.  Holistic health has been touted as involving mind, body, and spirit.

You may make all the so called proper food choices, yet if exercise, stress management, and healthy emotional responses are not fully supported, you will not accomplish great vitality.

We incorporated mind, body, and spirit support to help you obtain vibrant health!

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